About Us

Channel Crossings Press is family business based in Palo Alto and Santa Barbara, California.

We publish and distribute a series of extraordinary nautical charts as home, office and classroom decor.  Primary formats include framed prints, laminated posters and heavy laminated placemats.  In some cases we also have greeting cards.  Additional formats are always being evaluated as the original designs are truly timeless.

Original nautical chart development, design and composition was directed by Fred Gamble, of Santa Barbara. 

Following an illustrious career in the Technology and Energy industries, Fred, a life long sailing enthusiast, settled in Santa Barbara and pursued his passion for the technical side of sailing.  

Fred truly is a unique blend of Sailor and Scientist.  In fact, some of his accomplishments as a scientist include degrees from Harvard and the Sorbonne in Paris as well as a PhD from Stanford in Chemical Physics.  Fred is a Fellow of the National Science Foundation, American Physical Society and is a past President of the Association of Harvard Chemists.

During the course of his career, Fred achieved numerous milestones such as synthesizing the first two dimensional superconductors and assembling and managing the group that produced and patented the first rechargeable lithium ion batteries, forerunners of the batteries powering the Tesla electric car.  Engineers working under his supervision invented and developed the technical solution to the Alyeska Pipeline’s subsidence into the Alaskan permafrost. He directed a successful laser uranium isotope separation program for Exxon and presented that work to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. At Schlumberger he was responsible for a 250 million dollar research and engineering enterprise that provided the geophysical instruments used in every oil producing country on Earth to detect and produce hydrocarbons.

Fred's sailing career began on a farm pond in Texas and culminated with a third in class finish in the Single-handed TransPac from San Francisco Bay to Hanalei Bay Kauai, Hawaii. For twenty years Fred sailed the coastal waters of the United States, mostly California but also the East Coast and the Caribbean. The nautical charts he created reflect a combination of nautical, mathematical, and graphic science and craft, and an eye for composition developed by years of photography.

Channel Crossings Press is now owned and operated by Dave & Leslie Gehring in collaboration with Fred Gamble.

Close family friends with Fred, Dave & Leslie live in Palo Alto.  They "re" launched Channel Crossings Press after the company took a few years hiatus as Fred wound down his involvement in the business and attended to other pursuits.

Prior to relaunching Channel Crossings Press, Dave & Leslie had long been fans of Fred's work.  In fact, the Santa Barbara Channel and San Francisco Bay charts have hung framed on the wall of their home for nearly 10 years.  Also, the kids have been eating off various Channel Crossings placemats since they were born!

All this made for an exciting relaunch in summer of 2013.

During that summer, David worked nights and weekends (careful not to lose his day job at Google) piecing together the new business. He writes about some of those episodes in the company blog.  Now launched, Leslie oversees distribution and marketing as they both try to figure out how to scale this new family venture and ensure the kids have plenty of manual labor picking and packing to keep them busy 'till college!