Happy sailing!

I recently did an image search in Google for "Channel Crossings Press" I was curious to know where images of our charts may have surfaced over the years. Within a couple clicks I stumbled upon a blog by Bill Mattson chronicling his adventures as a catamaran sailor traversing the Santa Barbara Channel.  I spent the next hour experiencing his trips sailing the Channel and imagining his explorations of the islands through reading and re-reading his vivid descriptions.

I reached out to Bill via email.  I was eager to make his acquaintance, but also wanted to ask if he could replace old links on his site with the current links for this site.

He said, sure, but the rest of his response was classic and worthy of reprinting!  Plus, he wanted to make sure that if I were to right about his blog, I would especially point out the disclaimer.  Clearly, the trips he and his sailing partner undertook are not for the inexperienced or faint of heart!

Here is what he wrote:

"Feel free to link the stories, just make sure and link to the disclaimer included with the stories at www.catsail.com/cinp.  It took years of refinement in equipment and safety procedures to get those trips right, and it still got dicey on occasion.  We once broached the 20 ft cat in surf at Laguna beach on Santa Cruz Island and nearly wrecked the boat.  Once found ourselves in winds gusting to 44 kts, tied to the boat as waves came over the trampoline.  A decade of incredibly good sailing made up for those episodes.  I just want people to know what they are potentially in it for.  I go out there dressed like an astronaut.  In the case of the Hobie 18, what I have on my person totals more in cost than I paid for the boat.

Aside from all their other great features, the charts are great to use on the little boat due to their size.  And the topographical colors made them easy to pick good hiking spots, Laguna being the only spot that backfired on us.  Beauty and function.
So glad to hear you are bringing the company back.
My sailing partner on those trips, Gary Friesen, once spoke to Fred about the faint airplane outline on the south shore of Santa Cruz Island that he found while going over the chart with a magnifying glass.  He was proud to hear Fred tell him that he was the only one who found it.  If memory serves Gary said that Fred wanted to document it, but did not want it conspicuous due to potential looters.
I think I have the original island chart we used on early trips, torn, tattered, and taped together.
When I can, I'll get a picture of it and send it to you."

Happy sailing!