And we're off!

This weekend we launched!

Well, to be more accurate, we created a Facebook page for Channel Crossings Press and removed the password protection from this eCommerce site.

In the two weekends prior, I must have spent 20 hours each gaining a rudimentary proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop through working our design files so I could place images on this site that adequately rendered the extraordinary beauty and detail of these nautical charts...well at least as much as is possible given the size constraints I had to work with.

For the four months prior, we knitted together the supply chain relationships necessary for smooth operations while migrating the business from one traditionally focused on the mariner market to one more dedicated to home and office art decor. We now have a Printing partner in Pasadena, a Laminating vendor in Hayward and a Framing and Fulfillment partner in Fremont. Not to mention the inventory management infrastructure we assembled in our home office (earlier post about that effort). Truly the groundwork for world domination has been laid!

But to be honest, this launch so far has felt a little anticlimactic.

I stayed up late last night refreshing the Analytics dashboard. I wondered all night if anyone might accidentally find our brand new site, which I'm sure the Google machine has not yet noticed on the horizon of an ever expanding world wide web.

I dove back into's been a while...and watched as friends "liked" our new Facebook Page. Incidentally, I needed 30 friends to "like" the company Page before I could access the Channel Crossing Page's Analytics....which now that I think about it is pretty silly given there would not be any interesting Analytics to pay attention to until I have way more than 30 "likes." And now that I really think about it, I seriously doubt I'll ever think the use of "like" in this way doesn't sound totally silly to me. But they tell me that is for another generation....hmm.

In any case, while the fruits of launching so far have been anticlimactic, the launching itself is a milestone I can appreciate.

There's something awesome about starting something, building it out and getting it launched. Granted we are extremely fortunate to start out with some amazing designs from Fred Gamble (you can read about him in the About section, truly an incredible guy) But while Fred's talent has been to create extraordinary designs, our talent, in this case, has been to start from scratch and build a vehicle through which hopefully LOTS of people can buy and appreciate those designs.

Basically, it's just really fun to build something and see it birthed.

Next step...a marketing plan.

That means in the short term, for those of you who know us, expect an email inviting you to buy something soon! ;)