Picture worth a thousand words

As I spend time writing product descriptions, I suffer the insecurity that consumes all those who aspire to be good writers, but don't realize that great writing always requires effort.  I assume great writers write greatly without much effort, and I think the error of my assumption is the crux of my insecurity.

In any case, I'm wishing we had photos of our products that matched the quality of our products. Photos from my phone just don't quite cut the mustard, and as my eloquence betrays me, I long for an awesome photo or two to save me.

I'm in contact now with a professional photographer, so hopefully, we'll get some good shots taken shortly.  And then I can upload those to our product pages on this website and once again be forced to focus on the need to write well, or at least as well as is required to sell some charts....


UPDATE:  gave up on eloquence for now...decided to err on the side of expedience and just launch the site! I'll work on inspiring product descriptions later...:) Then again, I understand the Google bot doesn't much care for eloquence.  Simple, descriptive text is all that's needed to please the machine...hmm, a lot to think about there.