Now accepting product reviews!


I know, I'm supposed to be an expert at this by now.  

Not only did we launch Channel Crossings Press nearly two years ago, we live here in the Silicon Valley, the global hub for everything online related including commerce and marketing. Which is why I feel a little silly not having added a Customer Reviews function to the store until today!

Needless to say, Customer Reviews are extremely valuable. They help our prospective customers know we are real and that other real people love our products. They also help inform Google as the Google search bot tries to distinguish our store's value from a zillion other domains across the web. The folks at Google are super smart and so use Customer Reviews as a pretty significant signal in that algorithmic determination of value...and return sites with solid reviews more aggressively as a result.

So, there is really no reason for me to have been so delinquent in adding Customer Reviews to the site. I think my only excuse is that life has been too busy. Last August I left my position at Google and moved to a new role working for Guardian News & Media. It is a big shift for me, and something I am likely to write about in more detail at some point. There has been a lot to learn in terms of how media companies work versus how Technology companies work. And I don't want to kid myself, Google is really its own kind of technology company and the Guardian is its own kind of Media company!

Now I work for a Media company. I'm still involved in Tech as my new role is focused on managing the Guardian's strategic engagement with the dominant digital platforms, Google included. But working for a media company has got me thinking more about digital marketing on a daily basis. Which brings me back to Channel Crossings Press.

To be clear, Channel Crossings Press is a fun side business for us, and as such has been an awesome excuse to get back into some old skills like coding the website, working the small business accounting, managing the product supply chain and distribution...but with out real Marketing, this business is best described as being something we tend to when someone accidentally finds our store while happening to be in the mood to buy a nautical chart. 

Now, with Customer Reviews, hopefully Google will see we are a unique property and bring us more customers!

Oh wait, first we actually need Reviews!

So, here's my other Marketing 101 tactic: a clear call to action!  Please, if you are one of our customers, could you leave us a nice review?  Thank you!!