Finding Retail partners has its perks

As we continue down the path of relaunching Channel Crossings Press, it's important for us to find local merchants interested in carrying the Channel Crossings products in their stores. We're not sure yet how large a role local retail will play. We're coming from more of an eCommerce background. However, fortunately, when the product is nautical charts best suited for potential retailing in destination locations like San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Catalina and Martha's Vineyard (among other awesome spots) the effort to find these merchant partners has its perks.

After a productive afternoon in San Francisco, I think we're making progress in adding new Retailers to the Channel Crossings family...more news on that front as we line those relationships the mean time, here's a photo I shot with my phone along the way in San Francisco.

And here's one while on the family trip to Santa Barbara for can now see one of our framed charts hanging on the wall in the store at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum!